How to Use the Timeline

After clicking “View the Timeline“, the LGBT Timeline opens to a spread of recent events in 2015-16:

timeline photo


To locate information about specific events, you can enter one or more terms in the query field in the upper right section of the screen (e.g. “Havana” or “Central America Legislation”). The results will contain events in which these terms are present in the accompanying article.

To further refine these results, you can select any of the “Categories”, “Keywords” or “Regions” options. In addition, clicking on the arrows on the left or right side of the visual field will allow you to navigate through the results temporally.


If you wish to BROWSE, simply click on various circles* to learn about different LGBT landmark events. Each circle will reveal:

-A blurb about the event
-A photo
-The exact date on which the event took place
-The location (country, sometimes state/city)
-The organizations involved
-Source information
-A link to a full article containing more information**
-Relevant keywords/categories that will lead you to similar events

*The circles are color-coded based on category. Hopefully, this design element will help to narrow your search.
**Additionally, if you wish to read the full article attached to a specific event, click on the little blue box with a blue arrow that appears after each URL.