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Questions or inquiries about the LGBT Timeline?

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You may direct further messages to Javier Corrales at

LGBT Timeline Project Members:

Javier Corrales: Timeline Director, Professor of Political Science, Amherst College

Julio Cap├│: Assistant Director, Professor of History, UMass-Amherst

Aaron Coburn: Programmer, Amherst College

Sam Spurrell and Hayes Honea: Undergraduate Assistants, Amherst College


We would like to thank the Amherst College Office of the Dean, IT Department, Frost Library, and the Five Colleges Digital Humanities Program for their financial and technical assistance. In addition, we are grateful to a large number of individuals who have been part of our team over the years:

Kelcy Shepard

Gretchen Gano

Sarah Miller

Joseph Messinger ’14

Alexandria Gaines-Smith ’14E

Andre Wang ’14

Matthew Randolph ’16

Bob Neel ’16

Dane Engelhart ’16

Imani Marshall ’16

Alejandro Nino Quintero ’18