About the Timeline

What is the LGBT Timeline?

The LGBT Timeline is the first ever codification project aimed at capturing events specific to LGBT rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. The LGBT Timeline project works to creatively display event data and information for use by academics, researchers and activists across the globe. Through an easy-to-use timeline interface and simple search tools, the Timeline provides comprehensive information across myriad analytical categories. Our vision is to provide a free, online tool that will allow users to begin and continue to craft successful arguments surrounding the historical and modern state of LGBT rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition to the timeline tool, the LGBT Timeline team works to deliver several tools to increase access to pertinent data. On our “Timeline Tools” page, you will discover professional reports that use Timeline data, recent entries to the timeline and analysis of dates in LGBT history. Moreover, the LGBT Timeline team is constantly working to introduce new data analytic tools that can help contribute to the growing discourse on LGBT rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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